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Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, July 1, 2014 – 12:00 Noon


Meeting Site :  Coshocton County Services Building

724 South Seventh Street, Lower Level - Room B-100, EOC Location

Coshocton, Ohio  43812



The bi-monthly meeting of the Coshocton County Local Emergency Planning Committee was called to order at approximately 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 1, 2014, by Chairperson, Glenn Hill, with attendees standing for the Pledge of Allegiance.


(13) Members and (0) Guests :       


Rob McMasters, Coshocton County EMA Director

Troy Cole, Coshocton County EMA Deputy Director

Glenn Hill, Chairperson, Chief, West Lafayette Fire Department

D. Curtis Lee, Coshocton County Commissioner

Steve Wheatcraft, Coshocton County ARES

Jim Baker, Coshocton City Council

Jeff Courtright, Coshocton County REACT

Bill West, Coshocton County REACT

Lt. Jim Crawford, Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office

Dan Hardy, Coshocton County ARES

Mark Westbrook, Organic Technologies

Bruce Adams, Coshocton County A.R.E.S.

Don Carpenter, Citizen Member


(4) Excused Absences


Ralph Beegan, Muskingum Area C.I.S.M.

Andy Jones, Coshocton Co. Engineer’s Office

Barry Nolan, Coshocton Co. Memorial Hospital

Mark Frank, Coshocton City Health Department



A motion was made by Jim Crawford to approve the May 6, 2014 meeting minutes, and was seconded by Jeff Courtright Motion carried.


The Financial Report was given by Rob McMasters.  The unencumbered balance as of July 1, 2014 is $35,020.89. Jim Crawford made a motion to approve the financial report as given, and the motion was seconded by Jeff Courtright.  Motion carried.


Old/Unfinished Business


Rob McMasters reported that no Haz-Mat responses were made during May – June 2014.


New Business


Troy Cole gave an update on this year’s SERC filers.  To date all Cameo and SERC paperwork has been filed


The annual 2014 LEPC table top Exercise was help on May 22 at Union school. The table top went very well, and all groups there worked very well together. Once again we passed the states evaluator’s review of the drill. The exercise was a school base shooting with a haz-mat element. This gave us the chance to work with some public sectors that we don’t usually deal with that often like river view schools. Troy and Rob are working on the full scale for next year.


Rob McMaster brought forth a motion to purchase 4 Gas meters sensors for the meters at Walhonding Valley Fire, Jackson Twp Fire and the Coshocton Fire Dept. Mark Westbrook made a motion to approve the purchase the sensor’s he motion was seconded by Jeff Courtright.  Motion carried.



Troy Cole discussed trainings right now all classes are on hold till funding is found to pay for each class. The training we are looking is funded through grants and at this time the grant funds are not there. Troy will be in contact will Finely University about more free training in the next round of grants or when more monies are found.


·          Rob McMaster did discuss having a ICS 300-400 Class but would like first to start with the basic 100,200, 700 class so people would have a good understanding of the basic before covering the advance training.


Rob McMasters spoke Ohio Weekend Training at the Ohio Fire Academy on June 20 – 22, 2014.  We only had one local Firefighter go to the training this year. We might not fund this in the future do to the low number of first responders applying for this training.



Prior to adjournment, Glenn Hill asked members to share any updates that they would like to report. Comments noted were:


·          Dan Hardy, Coshocton ARES, gave details to LEPC members about the Annual Field Day, which was held on June 28 & 29th at the Brown’s Farm location. Dan thanked Rob McMasters for stopping by so they could get points. Over all things went well they had the stations on the air for 24 straight hours. And made 550 contact in all 50 states during that time. GOBA was another big event using 24 people over three days they had contact with Wayne/Homes/Knox and Tuscarawas counties net control was set up at lake park helped a few injured bikes get ems treatment. Also thank Rob for getting the MARCS radios to use was the first time ARES, REACT and the Sheriff could all communicate by radio.

·          Rob McMasters commented on the Code Red system and the need to get more people signed up we have 15000 signed up out of 65,000 phone numbers in the county..Over the next few months you will see a big push from EMA to have more signs up and more advertizing to promote the system and how well it work. Numbers are also down for the weather warnings we like to see a great number of users take advantage of this feature.


Following the round table updates, Glenn Hill asked for a motion for adjournment.  A motion for adjournment was made by Jim Crawford, and seconded by Mark Westbrook. Motion carried, and the meeting was adjourned at approximately 12:35 p.m.


Please mark your calendars for the next scheduled noon LEPC meeting on Tuesday, September 2, 2014, here at the County Services Building location.   


Respectfully submitted,




Troy Cole

EMA Deputy Director

Coshocton County Emergency Management Agency / LEPC Committee


Phone: 740-622-1984            

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