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Coshocton County

Local Emergency Planning Committee


Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 – 12:00 Noon


Meeting Site :  Coshocton County Services Building

724 South Seventh Street, Lower Level - Room 145,

Coshocton, Ohio  43812



The bi-monthly meeting of the Coshocton County Local Emergency Planning Committee was called to order at approximately 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 1st 2016, by Chairperson, Glenn Hill, with attendees standing for the Pledge of Allegiance.


(20) Members Present :       


Rob McMasters, Coshocton County EMA Director

Troy Cole, Coshocton County EMA Deputy Director

Glenn Hill, Chairperson, Assistant Chief, West Lafayette Fire Department

Curtis Lee, Coshocton County Commissioner

Steve Wheatcraft, Coshocton County ARES

Becky Beiter, Coshocton County Health Department

Mark Westbrook, Organic Technologies

Don Carpenter, Citizen Member Co-Chairperson

James Crawford, Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office

Todd Shroyer, Coshocton County EMS

Chris Grimm (Guest)ONDR Oil& Gas

Barry Noland, Coshocton Hospital

Trisha Cartmell (Guest)ODNR Oil & Gas

Dane R Shryock Coshocton County Commissioner

Jeff Courtright Coshocton County REACT

Ralph Beegan Muskingum MH& RS

Dan Endrizzi Ohio EMA

Dean Hettinger Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office

Jim Baker Coshocton City Council

Andrew Jones Coshocton County Engineers Office


(4) Excused Absences

Ken Smailes WTNS

Kelly Long AK Steel

Bill West Coshocton County REACT

Gary Fischer Coshocton County Commissioner


A motion was made by Curtis Lee, to approve the January 2016, meeting minutes, and was seconded by Andrew Jones. Motion carried.


The Financial Report was given by Rob McMasters.  The unencumbered balance as of March 1, 2016 is $30,375.50 Dane Shryock made a motion to approve the financial report as given, and the motion was seconded by Jim Baker.  Motion carried.






Old/Unfinished Business


Rob McMasters reported that there were no Haz-Mat response was made during January- February 2016. But that on February 26th 2016 the EMA received a direct call about a drum

On Friday, February 26, 2016 at 1621 the EMA office was contacted by JD Johnson in regards to a blue drum in a ditch along US36. Johnson advised it appeared to have a corrosive label on it. Rob McMasters drove to the area that Johnson advised after speaking with WLFD Assistant Chief Chad Haines. McMasters located the drum in the drainage ditch along US36 approximately 1 mile East of Mason’s trucking. The drum was empty of any contents but did have a corrosive label on it. McMasters contacted Assistant Chief Haines and informed him that the drum was empty and likely had fallen off a vehicle traveling on US36 at an undetermined date or time. McMasters and Haines determined it would be best to contact the Sheriff’s Office to ask to have a log entry made in case there were other calls and to ask dispatch to contact ODOT to pick the drum up. This was not a chemical release. McMasters left the area at 1650.


New Business


 Rob McMasters brought forth a request to approve to purchase Five (5) Haz-Mat com’s radio mics for the haz-mat team. Two bids were received Finley Fire Equipment and Warren Fire. Finley fire was the low bid at 722.00. Motion by Curtis Lee to purchase from low bid (Finley Fire) Second by Berry Noland Motion passed


2016 LEPC Hazardous Materials Exercise update Rob McMasters, in 2016 we will be conducting a functional exercise of the EOC. We are going to try and have the training completed by May 12th 2016 in the early afternoon to work better with people’s schedule. Rob and Dan will send out invites to all parties involved , and would like to have someone from each group to help work to plan the drill and the injects so the drill can be worthwhile for all players. A date was set for this first planning meeting as march 8th at 11:00 am in the EOC an email will be sent to those wanting to help out.


Rob McMasters in April the EMA will be running a small EOC drill to help everyone to get in the loop of operation of the EOC and their responsibility.


Rob McMasters introduced Larry Wilkin from Columbia Gas as the guest speaker. Larry discussed safety and how Columbia gas operates in the area and how they respond to emergencies that might happen to their lines.


Glenn Hill asked for a motion for adjournment.  A motion for adjournment was made by Jim Crawford and seconded by Berry Noland. Motion carried, and the meeting was adjourned at approximately 13:20 p.m.


Please mark your calendars for the next scheduled noon LEPC meeting on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016, here at the County Services Building location.    



Respectfully submitted,

Troy Cole, Deputy Director

Coshocton County

Homeland Security &

Emergency Management Agency

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