Title Department
Fees and Forms
Title fees

http://www.coshoctoncounty.net/files/1263400627Revised Title Fees.pdf


Affidavit change of motor vehicle title
Affidavit Change

Affidavit for designation of beneficiary or beneficiaries by the sole owner for a motor vechicle, watercraft or outboard motor certificate of title
Affidavit for Designation of Beneficiary

Atv or Off Highway Motorcycle Affidavit of Ownership
Atv Affidavit

Minor Consent Form
http://www.coshoctoncounty.net/files/1263399877MINOR CONSENT FORM 1 PAGE.doc

Power of Attorney from Owner to assign title to a motor vehicle or from purchaser to apply for title
Power of Attorney

Proof of insurance form/License Plate Power of Attorney
Proof of Insurance

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