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"Title Tips" From Janet S Mosier Coshocton County Clerk of Courts

1. Certificate of Title
must be null and void if alterations or erasures are present. in this event a replacement title will have to be obtained.

2.Transfer of Title must be made within 30 days of notary date to avoid a $5.00 penalty.

3. On Back of Title enter purchaser's name and address, purchase price, actual mileage, check proper block, and seller signs in the presence of a Notary Public.

4. Your Certificate of Title can be obtained in any ohio county title department.

5. All Liens on face of title must be cancelled by the Clerk of Courts.

6. Used Vehicles purchased out of state require serial number inspection.

7. Vehicles purchased out of state from dealers require bill of sale showing purchase price, amount of tax paid and trade-in allowance and require serial number inspection

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