Real Estate Sales and Transfer Data:  
  January 1 through December 2011

January 1 through December 2012

January 1 through December 2013

January 1 through December 2014

January 1 through December 2015

January 1 through July 15, 2016

  Processed Conveyances  

Real Estate Sales and Transfers
The spreadsheets accessed by clicking on the links to the left are downloadable and (if you have Excel) sortable as to your preference.  Included on the spreadsheets are:  Conveyance Numbers, Date of Transfer, Parcel Id Numbers, Acreage or Lot Size, Grantor, Grantee, State Tax District, Transfer Fee, Auditor's Assessed and Market Values, Purchase Price, and Conveyance Fees paid.

The files include both fee and non-fee transfers.  Townships and school districts can be determined by comparing the first three digits of the Parcel Number with the
Tax Rate Chart.  Further details concerning individual parcels can be located on Coshocton County's Real Estate Search Website by entering the parcel id (account).
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