Real Property Records
As Chief Assessor, the County Auditor is required by Ohio Revised Code to set a fair market value on all real property parcels in the county for taxing purposes. State Law requires the entire county is appraised and every parcel visited every six years during a sexiennial reappraisal. Our last County-wide appraisal was for tax year 2009, payable in 2010. Three years after each appraisal, the records are adjusted upon recommendation of the Ohio Department of Taxation. This triennial update is not done by property inspection, but rather by sales to county market value ratio. The next update will be for tax year 2012, payable in 2013.  Our office will be receiving the state's recommendation for adjustments sometime during late fall.

A real estate market value may also change when a recorded deed or legal instrument that includes a survey changing acreage is presented to the auditor's office for transfer.

Between mandatory reappraisals or updates, property values can change when a form is filed to report new construction, destruction or demolition of structures, or to request a board of revision review. It is the property owner's responsibility to file the new construction or destruction forms to keep their records up to date between appraisals, to remove taxes on destroyed structures and to avoid penalties.  You may access these forms below or on our online forms link.

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