Coshocton County Animal Shelter and Humane Animal Treatment Association

Don't shop, adopt! 

We have many fixed and declawed adult cats at our shelter! The $30.00 adoption fee includes first vaccinations, spay/neuter assistance, and all proceeds from fees benefit the Humane Animal Treatment Association. Fees or waiver of at discretion of staff and are subject to change. Kittens are also available for adoption, additional screening may apply. All cats and kittens can reside permanently at our shelter,  those that thrive and easily adjust to the shelter environment can reside permanently until adoption! 

Dogs and puppies are also available for adoption at our shelter! The $50.00 adoption fee includes first vaccinations and license tag. The county determines dog kennel policy, certain fees apply. The humane society works with reputable rescues and welcomes private adopters! Per state law, we hold all new dogs and puppies for three days until adoption status granted. Fees or waiver of at discretion of staff and are subject to change. 

Please contact the Coshocton County Dog Wardens for all stray or dog at large related issues. If your dog or puppy has been brought to our shelter, they will need to be contacted before release of your pet is authorized. 

 Thank you! Visit us today or contact (740)622-9741 for more information! 
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